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White Paper: High Performance Epoxy Curing System for Fiber Optic Terminations

A Navy ManTech funded development program entitled Fiber Optic Interconnect Technology (FOIT) was developed to advance manufacturing technology associated with high reliability/ performance fiber optic assemblies. This technology consists of the development of an automated work cell made up of 5 discrete stations which perform the major processes with fiber cable manufacture:

  • Cable Preparation
  • Terminus Assembly
  • Epoxy Cure
  • End Face Polish
  • Test/ Inspection
  • Benefits realized with automated manufacturing are reduced touch labor with improved performance and consistency of the end product.

As part of this development process, the Epoxy Cure Station has been developed to precisely control the thermal curing process of epoxy used in the termination of fiber optics. This paper describes the performance benefits for this curing system.

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