Military and Aerospace Fiber Optic and Electrical Cable
Assemblies & Harnesses


kSARIA has a full offering of military and aerospace fiber optic and electrical cable assemblies & harnesses. From engineering samples to production quantities, whatever your requirements are, kSARIA provides application specific fiber optic and copper interconnect solutions. Working closely with our customers, kSARIA  designs, develops and delivers the optimum solution to meet the performance, environmental, mechanical, and quality specifications of your system.

From their extensive expertise and experience in the interconnect field, kSARIA ’s engineers know what connectors and cable types are best to satisfy your application.  The spectrum of custom assemblies include single-point cables, high-channel count cables, hybrid cable assemblies, as well as Military to COTS break-out assemblies. kSARIA also offers all the supporting tools and kits. So whether it is a new installation, an upgrade, or a repair, kSARIA has all the products and services you will need.


kSARIA excels in designing and manufacturing custom fiber optic cable and harness assemblies including everything from point to point designs, breakouts and large complex harnesses.  The company also offers molding and over braiding capabilities to support harsh environment applications. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a completed design our Engineering Staff will ensure your fiber optic cable assembly is designed and built to meet the demands of your application.

Applications of our Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies & Harnesses include aerospace, shipboard, and tactical. Products include fiber optic cable & harness assemblies, expanded beam cable assemblies, MTP/MPO cable assemblies and breakouts, as well as fiber optic flex circuits.

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Navy Shipboard Fiber Optic Termination Kit provides technicians with a complete set of tooling necessary for a variety of terminations and installations.

kSARIA offers a full range or termination, cleaning, testing, and repair kits for both military and aerospace applications.

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kSARIA has the most advanced interconnect manufacturing and testing capabilities available of any manufacturer in the industry. Our core competencies differentiate us as a full-service provider of custom, high-performance cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

Our experienced engineering and manufacturing teams are ready to provide interconnect solutions that meet your specific requirements. kSARIA offers a full range of electrical cable assemblies and harnesses.

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kSARIA manufactures and delivers RF and Microwave Cable Assemblies to the Commercial, Aerospace, and Defense marketplaces.

Structured primarily as a “Build-To-Print” operation, our applications engineering staff will work with your design team to develop custom cable designs. Combining in-house manufacturing with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) cable and connectors, kSARIA can quickly provide solutions to complex RF and Microwave cable production issues.

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kSARIA’s management has assembled an engineering team with in-depth experience in the development of sophisticated precision automation equipment specializing in fiber optic cable, copper cable and electro-mechanical assemblies.

kSARIA’s lean manufacturing, engineering expertise and skilled work force is an ideal platform for box build assemblies. The cable plant infrastructure and box build integration area layout achieves a balance of efficiency and waste reduction.

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kSARIA offers flexible hose and conduit options for aerospace, sea, and industrial applications.

Our Duraflex® and Megaflex® products offer a wide range of conduit and hose options. The Duraflex® CAB series is a pressure tight flexible metal conduit that is resistant to vibration, heat and pressure. Megaflex® conduit is a seamless PTFE convoluted tubing manufactured in accordance to AS81914.

Both can be braided with a variety of protective materials.

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