Pressure Tight Duraflex® and Megaflex® Conduits


Duraflex® C-2 is a flexible, convoluted, pressure tight metal conduit which offers resistance to vibration, heat, and pressure.

The single layer of 1 over 1 under fine bronze wire braid restrains axial pressure and provides durable protection.

Radio Frequency Shielding, Low Temperature Protection of Electrical Wiring, Abrasion Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Non-Sparking, and Electrical Continuity.

Inner core – Brass; Braid – 1 Layer Bronze Fine Wire; Braid Weave – 1 over x 1 under

Customers may specify from a wide range of fittings to satisfy electromagnetic hermetic sealing, high temperature, self-locking, or other requirements. Typically, end fittings for industrial applications are made of brass; however, more severe operating environments may call for fittings constructed of other materials.

Part Number I.D. NOM  O.D. NOM Weight lb/ft (Approx) Minimum Bend Radius
C16-2 0.235/0.250 0.373/0.393 0.109 1-1/4
C24-2 0.360/0.37 0.507/0.527 0.150 1-3/4
C32-2 0.485/0.500 0.630/0.650 0.193 2
C40-2 0.610/0.625 0.756/0.776 0.229 2-1/4
C48-2 0.735/0.750 0.890/0.910 0.294 2-1/2
C64-2 0.985/1.000 1.186/1.206 0.555 3-1/4
(1) Run lengths over 25 feet are special order.
(2) Depending upon requirements, Duraflex® product can be sold at cut or random lengths.
(3) Dimensions are in inches

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